Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?

British filmmaker Joe Marcantonio explores the power of advertising to help brands overcome their limitations like the famous Volkswagen Beetle. This a short documentary film features the work of advertising firm DDB’s 1960s VW work. Those who either contributed to DDB’s VW work or were influenced by its style are interviewed and explain the thinking that went behind these very simplistic print ads and tv commercials. Enjoy from

EuroTripper 5 • Feb 3-4, 2017 will once again be a vendor at EuroTripper. EuroTripper 5 will build on the success with even more fun and improvements. As a relaxed and chill event, there’s more focus on socializing and less focus on winning although some awards will be given out! Open to all Euros. Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled! Any year, any style. We

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Not only are we launching our new website, we’re also launching our Fall Collection. Two stunning new designs with Type 2 buses. The Barndoor Brigade and the DoubleCab Dropgate. Both designs are hand-lettered and drawn then screen printed onto premium quality 100% cotton shirts. Sizes range from SM to XL. Unisex garment made for men and women. Remember to

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Wynwood Walls • Miami, FL Right before I sold my ’64 13-window deluxe bus, I took it down to Miami to the Art District called Wynwood. Wynwood is known for its graffiti walls throughout the district. If you’ve been in Miami, these walls can be seen right off I-95 near the old RC Cola bottling

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