EuroTripper 5 • Feb 3-4, 2017 will once again be a vendor at EuroTripper. EuroTripper 5 will build on the success with even more fun and improvements. As a relaxed and chill event, there’s more focus on socializing and less focus on winning although some awards will be given out!

Open to all Euros. Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled! Any year, any style.

We are excited to announce a new award format for ET5. Those that are interested in competing should apply for our ‘Mutts Nuts’ section. Cars that are selected for the Mutts Nuts section will be parked in a dedicated area within the event. This area will be the main, but not the only section our staff will focus on for selecting our Top 30 of the day. These cars will get a special Mutts Nuts decal on their car during the event. They will later be called onto our stage during the awards presentation and be given a custom made trophy. Other awards for Best Air, Best Static, Best Club, Best Wrap, Best Motor, and others will be awarded as well!

BMX Trickstars Display Team will be performing throughout the day with ramps and flatland performances. There will also be a Bike Display section, where you can show off your tricked out bike (Fixies, Road, BMX, etc.)

JetBlue Park
11500 Fenway South Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33913

The idea behind the EuroTripper Tour Series, is to pay a bit of dedication to the very best regional Dub scenes in Europe. We feel like these regions offer the very best events, cars, enthusiasts and vendors as well. If you ever feel like seeing truly complete and detailed vehicles, take a trip to Europe and check out an event. That is exactly what we have been doing, and we were so inspired, we wanted to both pay tribute, but also try to bring some of that to our event.


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